A Structured Curriculum For

  • Instructors To Run A Successful Tricking Program

  • Individuals To Build A Foundation With Consistency

Increase Retention

Evoke passion in students by teaching them new abilities.

Expand Versatility

Compliment your curriculum by offering complete training.

Enhance Visibility

Attract new prospects by adding some flash to your performance.

How Does Cinematic Martial Arts Work?

Cinematic Martial Arts is a structured curriculum for learning tricking with levels like in the martial arts. There is no special equipment, spotting, or crashing required. CMA uses safe, structured progressions to eliminate fear and reduce the risk of crashing. instead of being told how to do a complicated movement such as a butterfly twist, students are equipped with the knowledge of concepts necessary to help teach themselves new skills (every new skill is built from one you've already taught them, beginning with very simple exercises). The techniques are structured into levels, with each one building toward more dynamic and difficult material.

CMA Features:

Lesson plans in both written and video formats

Safety First

All techniques are approached with safety as the highest priority. Progressions are designed to be learned without crashing.

Realistic Teaching

Teaching is communicated through self-awareness of the techniques rather than verbal instructions, with improved understanding.

Stratified Techniques

All skills are structured by levels in progressive order. Learn new skills in order of difficulty, from standing kicks to flips and beyond.

Choose From Three Pricing Options

Per-Level (Monthly)
Dual-Level (One-Time)
Full Program (One-Time)

Dual-Level (One-Time): Pay $600 For Two Levels ($1,800 Total)

Purchase a third (two levels) of the Cinematic Martial Arts program as a one-time buy; get access to both the vertical curriculum and the invert curriculum!

  • Save $60 over the regular monthly option each level ($360 total savings, same as one level free!)
  • Access to each CMA curriculum & 40 lesson plans (current levels)



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Daniel Perez de Tejada has taught hundreds of enthusiastic newcomers how to learn and appreciate tricking, helping them achieve skills of all difficulty levels. He is known in the martial arts tricking community as one of the world's most knowledgeable and capable instructors, and his ideas have been adopted by many martial arts and tricking instructors.

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